Blogger and WordPress, Which Is Best?

blogger and wordpress

Yes, you must have listened to Blogger and WordPress. Both are used for making websites or blogs. Nowadays both are used by a lot of people around the world. Today in this post, I gonna tell you which is the best platform for making sites between Blogger and WordPress.

Today, I am also telling you how can you earn money from WordPress and which platform you have to choose for making your website. So without wasting any more time let's start today's topic "Blogger and WordPress".

As all of us know very well that today's era is full of technology or we can say that today's era is a technology era. Everyone wants to run their business all over the world and Blogger and WordPress help them to do this. Because with these both tools we can make a site very easily.

Blogger and WordPress



As far as the Blogger is concerned this is an American blog-publishing service that provides you to publish your blog. In Blogger you can easily choose any Niche and make your own website or blog. That person who's doesn't know what is Niche for them I just want to say that niche means a specific category.

For starting a blog you just need a Gmail-id and your age should be 18 or 18+. If you have both of these then you are qualified for a blogger. You can start your blog any time on any topic.

If you have both of these then you can easily start your blog for free. Most people start with bloggers for practice.



Now we start talking about WordPress. Today WordPress is a well-known name in the world for making websites. A lot of people use WordPress for making their sites. Today's every business whatever they are a small businessman or a big businessman used websites for promoting their products or company.

The best thing about WordPress is you can make a site within a few minutes with the help of WordPress. You can make a good website within 10 minutes with this.

WordPress provides us a lot of facilities by using we can easily make our site and reach the right person. Although WordPress is free, you have to purchase Hosting and Domain to reach the people.

Difference between WordPress and Blogger

There is some difference between WordPress and Blogger which are given below:

Blogger is absolutely free, you don't need to pay anything for it. You can easily write their blogs and reach the audience. Whenever for WordPress you have to purchase a domain and hosting first to reach the people.

Another major difference between both is: in Blogger there are no plugins to use whenever in WordPress you have a lot of plugins to use which make your work very easy.

One more thing, if you want Google Adsense approval then in WordPress you can easily get a Google Adsense approval but in Blogger there is a little hard to get a Google Adsense approval. These are the difference between Blogger and WordPress

Earning Money From Blogger and WordPress

earn money

You can also earn money by doing blogging in WordPress and Blogger. Once you buildup your site whether it is on WordPress or Blogger. Then by taking Google Adsense you can earn money easily. For this, you first take approval for Google Adsense. You can earn money also by posting paid ads on your site. Another way to earning money by WordPress is by making sites and sell them. By selling them you can earn a good amount of money.

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We hope after reading this post now you can easily make a decision that which is the best platform for you between Blogger and WordPress. If you are doing blogging then please tell me in the comment which platform you are using WordPress or Blogger.