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10+Best Way To Save The Water. Water conservation is also a very big responsibility of our which we should fulfill with full honesty. We all know how important water is for us. We know that the problem of water is constantly increasing on our Earth.

Without water, we cannot even imagine life. Water is one of the basic needs of life without which we can not do anything in life. Our life has only started with water, many times, awareness about saving water in the middle of people through the slogans.

We have to take any step to save water otherwise we will all yearn for water.
We have to save water in a different way.

In this blog we have given "10+ Best Way To Save The  Water". By adopting which you can also save the water and life.

Take Short Shower:

save water

Who does not like bathing in the shower, but when it comes to saving water, shower is not a good option.

According to the one survey, in shower there is more water use in bathing than bathing with the bucket. Even if you take a shower, take care that don't over water it.

Turnoff  The Water While Shaving And Brushing The Teeth:

way to save water

Brushing teeth is a daily process that we all do. But a lot of people have a habit that they leave the water tap open while they brushing or shaving. Due to which there is a lot of water waste. Therefore, to save water, whenever you brush or make your beard, please do not leave the water flowing.

Check Your Water Leaks:

water leakage

Water leakage is one of the biggest problems in the country. Due to which the water in a huge amount is wasted and cannot reach the needed people. That's why we should keep checking the water leakage in our house from time to time. So that there is no waste of water and for the future we can conserve the water.

Stop Using Your Toilet As An Ashtray & Wastebasket:

dirty toilet

Don't use your toilet as an ashtray or dustbin, keep your toilet clean and germs free. If you use your toilet as a dustbin or ashtray, then you are a very big problem of humanity. By doing this, you make the necessary portion of water to clean the toilet.

By using the toilet properly, you will have less water to clean the toilet. So that you will be able to save water for the future. If you are not conserving the water today then maybe it is harmful to us in the future. Conservation of water is most important for us and our future generations.

Rain Water Harvesting:

rain water harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the best example of the conservation of water. In Rainwater harvesting rainwater is collected and stored for the future.

In this, rainwater collect and stored in a container made in the ground. By doing this we save water in the land. If needed, we can also use that water for our daily work.

Put The Water Purifier Pipe In The Bucket:

water purifier with bucket

As our population is growing, the shortage of water is also increasing. The water that has been there is also mostly filled with impurities. That's why people are getting water purifiers in their houses.

The job of  the water purifier is to remove the impurities and provide us clean water. But in this process a lot of water is wasted.

You must also have seen how much water drains out by the water purifier for a bottle of clean water. All that water is wasted in our drains or gutters. 

You can save water from this too. For this you only have to put the purifier drains pipe into a bucket. When the bucket is filled with water than put that water in your lawn or pot.

So  that it will also get water and will not be wasted. Doing this, the level of the water will also remain in the earth. You can also use this water for washing cloths and for cleaning your house.

Don't Leave Water Open While Washing Your Vehicle:

For saving the water please use bucket whenever you wash your vehicle. This is useful for saving water because it takes less water.

By washing running tap it's take more water then a bucket and a huge amount of water is waste.

Planting Tree:

We don't have to tell anyone the importance of the tree, they gives us life-giving Oxygen. A part from this, plants are also important for our environment.  Plants help in conservation of water.

They reduce the temperature of the earth so that water does not dissipate in large quantities. They help in raining due to which the level of water remains on the earth. Everyone should  put a tree in their life.

Drink Water From A Glass, Not From A Direct Tap:

Whenever you drink water, try to drink water only in a glass. Remember to take as much water as you are thirsty. This will reduce the water waste and we also conserve the water.

While we drink water from our palms with direct tap, then a lot of water falls down from our hands and becomes waste. So please try to carry a bottle or a glass for drinking water with you because every single drop of water is precious.

Water Your Lawn Only When It Needs It: 

watering the lawn

For the conservation of water it is necessary that we don't waste water and save every single droop of water. For this purpose please water your lawn only when it needs it is stupid to waste water without any reason.

By giving more water, the lawn will not grow quickly. Lawn will not look more beautiful, but it is appropriate amount of water. So be awareness about the conservation of water and save the water.

Don't Leave The Water Running While You Wash Dishes By Hand:

Most of  the water is waste when we wash the dishes in kitchen. Many of the person open the tap when they are applying the soap on the dishes. This is also wastes a lot of water. So please stop wasting water and use this in a proper manner. Otherwise we have to face the problem of water conservation.


We are already face the problem of water conservation. If we still do not improve, then the  time is not far when we will have really water shortage. It will be very difficult to live without water.

Here we discussed some best solution to saving the water. By adopting this,  we can save water and avoid the shortage of water in future.

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  1. Nice thoughts, you are really a nature lover.

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    Every person should use these tips to save water.

  3. One can easily avoid waste of water at home for that the person should keep the water tap turned off while brushing teeth, also the person should try to make reuse of the wastewater as much as possible, such as the domestic wastewater can be easily used for watering the plants in the house this gets the water consumption reduced. Like this, there are many other small measures that can be taken by the people at home for reducing the consumption and also the wastage of water.
    Water Wastage

    1. I saw you post, very nice post and thanks for comments.

  4. very nice post and well written. We must think about this.

  5. Well written article. You wrote very well everyone should save water. Water is life, there is nothing without water.

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